2022-2023 VDP Sessions Moving

Thank you all for pre-registering in our fall VDP. We have had a much larger than usual number of athletes sign up for VDP - mainly because the program is very popular and also due to a big pent-up demand caused by the Covid lockdowns.

As a result of this, THE WATERLOO VOLLEYBALL CLUB WOULD LIKE TO MOVE THE FALL VDP FROM SUNDAY MORNINGS TO SATURDAYS, STARTING ONE DAY EARLIER ON OCTOBER 15, 2022. The program runs for 8 weeks. Payment should be $100.00 in CASH on the first date, October 15.

We are now planning to run VDP in three sessions on Saturdays.
9.00 - 10.45. Athletes born in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
11.15 - 1.00. Athletes born in 2009
1.30 - 3.15 Athletes born in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

We realize that this comes as a complete surprise but are hoping that nearly all of you can make this change. PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND VDP ON SATURDAYS - OR - IF YOU ARE NO LONGER PLANNING TO COME TO VDP.
Thank you.

Myself and the Waterloo Volleyball Club apologize for this late notice, but we feel that the fall VDP will now run much better on Saturdays. We are doing this to allow as many of you as possible to join VDP. Session times based on age are now listed and each have been extended by 15 minutes to allow more time for scrimmaging.
Some of you have made special requests to be placed in the same session as someone else. To do this we may have to place both athletes in the same age bracket, even if they are a year or two apart.

If you have any questions, email me at:
[email protected]
Or phone 519-884-8205.
See you on Saturday the 15th!
John Nelson,
Waterloo Volleyball Club (Tigers)