17U Tryouts Coming

Waterloo Tigers will be hosting tryouts for our 17U Girls teams in the near future.

We are working with venues across the region to find openings in order to host the tryouts.

Please visit the registration page for tryouts so you will be added to the list of those that will be contacted when tryouts are ready. Registered participants will be contacted by email to let them know of the dates and times.

If you are planning to play 17U (Girls born in 2005) please ensure you register on our website and with Ontario Volleyball Association as a Tryout Player) as soon as possible to be informed by email the time, date, and venue of the tryout.

Note: When registering with MRS Ontario Volleyball, login if you have already registered with MRS, or click New User and fill out your details. When presented the Role Selection, select Try-out Player. There is NO COST for a Try-out Player. If you are presented with a cost, go back and select only Try-out Player.

We look forward to sharing the tryout information to our registered participants and will also update the website as soon as we receive the information.

Thank you

Waterloo Tigers 17U Coaches

18U Girls Tryouts Announcement

Good afternoon,

Waterloo Tigers will be hosting tryouts for our 18U Girls teams this Tuesday September 14 at CORE Kitchener.

Those that have already registered will be contacted by email to let them know of the dates and times.

If you are planning to play 18U (Girls), please ensure you register on our website as soon as possible to obtain the time of the tryout.

Thank you

Waterloo Tigers 18U Coaches

Message from Waterloo Tigers

Hello everyone,

Our website is now open for VDP registrations for fall, winter, and next spring.   If you are interested, please sign up for one or more of these sessions and we will have your contact information.  To be honest, we don’t know when the Board of Education will once again allow us to use their schools, and we cannot run VDP until that happens.   Any significant 4th wave of the COVID-19 virus will delay things.  This pandemic is proving very hard to overcome!

Payments for VDP are always at the start of each session.  We do not want payment in advance in case the session has to be either cancelled or shortened.  The cost is still $100.00 per 8 week session.  We have not increased this fee for 20 years!  We operate VDP (and the whole Tigers Club) at cost.

People have been asking about vaccinations.  We are still undecided but strongly recommend them for everyone who is old enough.  We may make the decision to have only vaccinated people.  That could be mandated by the Board  of Education.   Children not turning 12 in 2021 may have to wait for the vaccines, which should be available later this fall.   Masks will likely have to be worn at all times.  It is not safe for unvaccinated people to do any activity  indoors without at least a mask.  That’s the current reality.

Check our website for further updates.

Thank You!

John Nelson
Tigers President