VDP Returning

VDP Returning!

The WRDSB, after 27 months, is once again allowing the public the use of their facilities, and for us that means  we can now use their gyms and can run our Spring Volleyball Development Program (VDP)!!

VDP will be held at Forest Heights High School and will start on Saturday April 30 and go until June 25, for a total of 8 weeks.  VDP will not happen on the May 21 Victoria Day weekend.  The cost will be $100.00 per athlete, payable in cash on the first day of the program.

We have a  large number of athletes pre-registered for Spring VDP - and it  will have to be run it in 3 separate 90 minute time slots, from 9.00-10.30; 11.00-12.30; and 1.00-2.30.   Athletes will be assigned to one of the three groups and it will be based primarily on age.  We will attempt to keep athletes in the same time group where they have requested it on the pre-registration.

Many of you pre-registered for this months ago, and some of you by now will have made other plans.   So, please  email me ASAP if you are NO LONGER planning to attend our Spring VDP.   It will greatly help us in our planning.

Thank you.
Once our exact numbers are known we will email you as to what time your group is.

Thank you.

John Nelson,
Tigers President